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Susan K. Silver’s jewelry collection is a natural extension of her fine artwork—paintings, drawings, and sculpture that began when she was an adolescent. This work has matured into a stunning compilation that showcases her craftsmanship, imagination, and inspiration from the natural world. The diversity of Susan’s collection mirrors her interests and her educational background. A therapist by training with a Master’s Degree in business, Susan has worked with families and corporate clients providing insight and understanding to the mystifying world that shapes our respective communication styles. This gift now expresses itself amidst the world of gemstones and metallic elements. The collection speaks to what arouses and informs Susan’s creative impulses: her love of nature, color, texture, drawing, architecture, and the Etruscan style of jewelry making. Susan has studied at the Jewelry Arts Institute in New York City, as well as with the renowned jeweler Fred de Vos, specializing in wax model development.

The meticulously hand-crafted designs, in 18k gold and sterling silver, represent Susan’s favorite pieces that can be worn casually or formally, adapting to the moment and the mood of person wearing them. For more information on the collection, please contact Susan directly at

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